Need a Second Opinion?

We understand it can be confusing and frightening when faced with a cancer diagnosis. Getting a second opinion is often a good idea.

A Clear Understanding

Knowing all your options, and asking more questions should be part of the decision process. A second opinion can also help provide peace of mind.

Getting a second opinion from another specialist will not offend your current doctor, it is simply a means of empowering and educating yourself about your condition and your options. 

What a Second Opinion Offers

For patients looking for a second opinion, A/Prof Gianduzzo will confirm your diagnosis and either offer a similar treatment path to your first opinion or A/Prof Gianduzzo may offer other choices.

Not all surgeons or hospitals have access to the most advanced technology or have specialized training to perform minimally invasive or advanced surgeries.

A second opinion can often expand your treatment options. Some choices could include:

  • Progressive diagnostics
  • Advanced techniques
  • Minimally invasive procedures
  • New surgical technologies
  • Different Procedural locations
  • World Class Specialist Team
  • Different Post Op Care Programs

A/Prof Gianduzzo’s Concierge Program

Our Second Opinion Program can provide you with

  • an in-person Second Opinion Appointment
  • a thorough review of your previous images, diagnosis, and
  • an evaluation of your recommended treatment path,

This is then followed by a written report.

Your goal is to gain clarity and work with a team of experts who can guide you on your decision path.

Confirm Your Diagnosis

Whether a second opinion confirms your pathway or suggests additional tests, being clear about your next step is important.

Some conditions look alike on initial imaging, and an accurate diagnosis is absolutely critical to creating the best treatment plan.

If we have any reason to believe your diagnosis needs confirmation, we may recommend additional advanced imaging or other tests to verify your condition.

Assess Your Risk

Further considerations that A/Prof Gianduzzo could use in your assessment are:

  • Risk - Different treatment options carry different risks
  • Age and Health - treatment options often depend on a patient’s age and general health, medical and family history

A/Prof Gianduzzo offers a second report that includes your individual risk factors.

Make a Recommendation

A/Prof Gianduzzo will supply a written report with clear recommendations about a course of treatment that is believed to be best for you.

Typically your report can be available within two to three days of receiving your images and other clinical information.

Our expert Review and Report process offers

  • Accuracy
  • Reliability
  • Currency
  • Correct information

NB: Please remember that second opinions based only on images and medical records can be limited to what is contained in those files. It cannot replace an in-person medical evaluation by A/Prof Gianduzzo.

Final Decision

The ultimate decision is yours to make, but rest assured that A/Prof Gianduzzo wants to help you make the right choice.

Our Scope of Opinions

Our faculty can provide expert second opinions on a wide range of Urology and Prostate conditions and treatment pathways including:

  • Diagnostic Confirmation
  • Treatment Options, and
  • Care Plan Recommendations

Ready to request a second opinion?

When you are ready to get started, please call for an appointment at or fill out an appointment request form here.

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