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Retzius-Sparing Radical Prostatectomy

Retzius-Sparing Prostatectomy

The Retzius-Sparing approach developed by Professors Bocciardi and Galfano in Milan has improved patient outcomes with around 90% of men continent within 1 month of surgery.

Dr Gianduzzo has been doing this procedure for a little over 12 months at the Wesley Hospital and has been impressed at the improvement in continence outcomes compared to the standard technique.

Not all patients are necessarily suitable but it can valuable for those who are.

This video is a beautiful demonstration of this technique by my mentor Prof Christopher Eden, the UK's leading prostate cancer surgeon.

Video Details

This is a complete case of a Retzius-sparing interfacial nerve-preserving robotic radical prostatectomy Patient: a 55-year-old potent man

  • PSA: 4.3
  • Cancer: Gleason 3+4 T2aN0M0 Adenocarcinoma of the Prostate
  • Procedure: After the anastomosis is complete a suprapubic catheter is inserted and the urethral catheter is removed. The topical haemostatic powder Arista is applied over both neurovascular bundles at the end of the case. There is no audio.