Prostate Cancer Awareness Event

Prostate Awareness

It was terrific to speak at the Noosa Prostate Association's Prostate Awareness Lunch with the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia (PCFA) again this year.

Prostate Cancer Awareness

The event raised awareness about prostate cancer which is such an important topic that affects so many Aussie blokes.

Hats off to Ian Miller and the NPA team and to Peter Duffy and the PCFA for putting this event on. Community group events such as these are so vitally important.

Thank You Noosa Prostate Association

Over the last 18 months, the NPA has raised over $250,000 to promote:

  • Prostate cancer awareness,
  • Regular testing, and
  • Early diagnosis

Early Prostate Cancer Diagnosis

The earlier prostate cancer is found the higher the likelihood is that any treatment would be successful. The main message to men is “Get Checked!”

When To See A Doctor

If you have concerns about your health and in particular your prostate it is better to see a doctor and have them address your concerns early than to risk Prostate Cancer going undetected.
If you are experiencing any symptoms that may require further investigation, we would advise that you see your general practitioner and possibly obtain a referral to see A/Prof Troy Gianduzzo

Dr Gianduzzo can offer specialised help, advice on a possible diagnosis, further investigations and a range of suitable treatments. Contact his rooms at


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