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  • Prostate News

    Urologists welcome Pathologis​ts statement on PSA testing for Prostate Cancer

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  • Urological Society Position Statement on Focal Therapy for Prostate Cancer

    Prostatic focal therapy is an emerging treatment strategy for men diagnosed with prostate cancer. It works on the assumption that the largest focus of cancer in the prostate (the “index lesion”) is predominantly responsible for the risk of cancer recurrence, and that this lesion can reliably be imaged, biopsied and specifically treated. It also assumes that targeting this lesion for focal treatment may lead to equivalent long term cancer survivals compared with whole gland therapies e.g. surgery or radiotherapy with less side effects, and that if unsuccessful that salvage (or additional) therapies can be introduced safely, without compounding side effects. To date, these assumptions are unproven and as such focal therapy of prostate cancer cannot be considered standard of care.

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  • MRI Prostate Cancer

    Dr Gianduzzo was a lead investigator at the Wesley Hospital in developing prostate MRI as a tool to diagnose prostate cancer. The research performed with colleagues at the Wesley Hospital and published in European Urology shows that an MRI scan can reduce the need for a prostate biopsy by around 50%.

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